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My name is Andy Honaker. I have more than 20 
years of IT experience. I am currently working
from my home as I deal with severe migraines. 
This web site is my way of reaching out to the

 Virginia Tech College of Architecture & Urban Studies
Virginia Tech Department of Outreach
Technology Consulting provided to Virginia Dept. of Tourism, Virginia Dept. of Business Assistance, Virginia Film Office, United Way, Trailways, U.S. Forestry Service, Amtrak, United States Department of Agriculture, Virginia small businesses, and individuals.

IT Architect/Technology Stud

Areas of Expertise: 

  Certified Economic Development Specialist by the
    Virginia Department of Business Assistance.

  Project management from small business education          programs, Technology programs for localities, and large scale web systems for State Tourism and Department of Transportation integration.

  Computer Aided Design & Web Design

  Graphic and Interface Design
    for Print and Web

  Director of Technologies including;
  Computer Setup & Diagnostics
  Virus and Spyware Removal
  Data Backup
  Software & Hardware Upgrades
 Technology Training & Consulting
  Computer, Printer, Scanner and Other
  Technology Use and Service

  Networking Setup and Administration 
    Wireless and ethernet

  Server Administration (Windows & Mac)

   Macintosh and Windows System Software
   Microsoft Office
   Adobe Creative Suite
 Autodesk Architectural and Engineering Software
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Against the ‘Graine
     Against The ‘Graine  
My journal of the past, present and the future dealing with migraine and chronic pain. This includes personal stories and researched information, typically in a first person narrative. I’m proud to say that it has won several accolades.
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